Professionalism – Dr. House Painting Services

Professionalism – Dr. House Painting Services

What does one expect from a painting firm when it comes to service level expectations? Should you need to worry that your project may not be completed because the firm you selected did not meet your expectations or did not deliver what may have been glossed over during initial conversations, or simply failed your timeline?

Your first consideration is to reach out to at least three different painting firms with good community standing and positive feedback. Take a moment and read those reviews! “The Best predictor of future behavior are past experiences.”

Consider the process of our experienced painting team!

Our painting team members arrive at your convenience, are prepared with all the necessary tools, equipment, and supplies based on your project specifications. Initially, we will discuss the details of your painting project plan where you will anticipate the completion of daily tasks within the daily activities and leave your premises as you would expect!

Whether you require interior or exterior painting services we provide professionalism! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Upon completion we review your area, make sure all items are addressed, you home or yard are cleaned of any and all debris, and back for your enjoyment.

Why choose Dr House Painting Services

Detailed estimates – We will provide you with clearly defined scope of services based on your requested requirements. We can also provide options based on other areas of concern.

Informed customers – You want to be well informed in your decision regarding your project and should make sure to consider your options, timeline, and budget.

Constant communication – We strive to keep you informed of daily activities, so everyone is keeps on task and daily milestones of your project timeline

Cleanliness for the duration of the project – Cleanup is completed each day leaving the condition of your home exactly as it was before we arrived. It’s as if we were never there!

On time – We strive to complete your projects 100% on time! The only delays are additional request scope of services that your request!

On budget

100% guaranteed!

If you would like to set up a no obligation estimate contact us here!

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