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Closet Systems

There is nothing better than a closet system that provides form and functionality. Thoughtful planning will result in efficient use of storing, organizing, sectioning, convenience and space. Consider the many types, features, colors, and textures, to consider in your selection that cover every budget. For instance, you may consider a modular system that can provide the functionality you are looking for and the ability to purchase portions that can be added later.

What is included?

A closet system or organizer includes hardware fastened to walls, assembled, or fastened prior to installation. Closet systems can include options like drawers, shoe racks, and other accessories built into or customized for your specific needs. The main structures consist of melamine, solid wood of chosen species, wire shelving helping you organize your closet space. However, If you need shelving, shoe racks, clothes bar or place for your purses, perfume and his ties search the web for many different ideas. Below you will find our handy checklist to help you get started.

Closet system checklist

  1. Determine your budget
  2. Measure your closet – Width, Depth, and Height
  3. Consider your Style, form, and function
  4. Color scheme
  5. What accessories do you require? (pants, shirts, blouses, jackets, shoes, socks, and ties)
  6. Schedule an appointment to measure, design, order, and schedule your installation service.

This will get you in the right direction, help with closet organization, and save time getting ready for work each day!

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