Does your home have Hard Water Stains? Call Dr. House Cleaning Services

Do you have hard water stains in your shower, glass enclosure, or around your sink handles? Hard water stains can leave a blemish on your sink and bath fixtures reducing their useful life.  Ask us about our services that help mitigate these and other useful tips during our onsite no obligation estimate. This may be common in your area as your local water department with the best of intentions of providing safe drinking water to your home. Over time these stains built up minerals developing a coating that becomes more difficult to remove over time.

Maintaining these surfaces require a cleaning routine that consider these items in a regularly schedule cleaning plan. We recommend you ask about our routine cleaning services. These routine cleaning services can be weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks or once a month. In most cases your first and possibly second and or third visit bring your home, apartment, or condominium to our cleaning standard. Once this is achieved you are placed on a standard cleaning service where routinely other areas involving spring and or deep cleaning are addressed so as not to fall back from your current progress.

Other areas of concern – Hard Water Stains

Other areas that commonly present a challenge with hard water stains are the exterior of your windows. Sprinkler systems with city water have the same effect mentioned above. Ask about our exterior window cleaning services. We recommend this at least once a year to maintain the integrity and value of your home.

Dr. House Cleaning Services Team Members resolve these and many other tasks around your home. Simply give a call to schedule your next appointment by calling 352-440-3374 with your name, address, telephone, best time to call or simply Book your appointment with our “Get A Quote” link at the top of the page or use our Cleaning Services Calculator by providing the same contact information along with the specifications of your cleaning request.

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