Dr. House, LLC
Commercial – Interior Painting Services
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Initial consultation – Interior Painting Services

  • Estimate – You will meet an experienced Dr. House Estimator who will review the requirements of the painting project. We review and confirm your scope of service including areas to be painted, color preferences, sheen (Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-gloss or Gloss), and discuss the manufacturer recommendation for proper adhesion regarding the preparation of those surfaces for lasting durability.
  • Project Lead – Each exterior painting project will be supervised by our project lead. During each phase of your project, you will be notified of completed phases until completed.


  • Business Hours of operation and Scheduling your project
  • Interior Wall Condition – Determine the areas need patching, scraping, and or wall paper removal if required.
  • Surface condition – Identifying the current condition of the interior surface
  •         Peeling and flaking may have been caused due to lack of proper surface preparation
  •        Surface mold and or mold below the paint finish may be caused by inappropriate surface preparation – We will refer you to proper mold abatement firm.

Written estimate

  • You should expect a detailed estimate where there is an explanation of those costs associated with your scope of work. Your estimate will vary depending on the detail of your requirements, the level of thoroughness, and the condition of the surfaces with respect to previous finish condition.

Project commencement

  • When you determine you would like to move forward with Dr. House, LLC you will receive your project scope managed by your on-site project leader to handle and lead all of your daily project milestones until completion.
  • Safety – Before and during each project we will communicate the locations of current work, equipment, and processes in an effort to protect the building, staff, visitors, if required during the project.

Project Management

  • We will also provide you with your project timeline with your daily milestones. These project milestones include daily tasks to be completed by the end of each business day, the order of daily operations, and the start and completion date. These daily activities align with your estimate giving you an opportunity to ask questions, coordinate schedules, and having a clear understanding of your project timeline.

Project Completion

  • Project Completion checklist and customer review